Sunday, March 16, 2014

My Favorite Timex Watches for Everyday Wear

When it comes to watches, I have lots of slightly dressy watches for the office.  They have interesting designs and they tend to catch the eye.  They lend interest to my work day and sometimes get noticed by co-workers.  But, when I come home, they come off and take positions on top of my dresser.

I don't want to get them nicked up and battered.  Sometimes, they've gotten uncomfortable over the course of a workday.  When I get home I invariably reach for a bang around watch and--9 times out of 10--I reach for a Timex.  They are inexpensive, comfortable, rugged, and stylish.  At least, I like the way that they look.

Here are four of my very favorite "bang-around" Timex watches:

1. The Timex Expedition Core Resin.  Do you love those exotic commando dive watches that can handle 300 meters of depth and excel on raids in low light conditions?  Me too.  Do you $1500 to blow on a watch?  Me neither.  Are you a commando?  Me neither.  But, the Timex Expedition Rugged Core Analog Field Watch / T49831 / lets me daydream. This watch isn't perfect. The bezel doesn't turn and it is only water resistant to 50 meters. But, this watch looks totally cool.  It also has Indiglo lighting for those low-light adventures.

2. Timex Expedition Vintage Metal.  Of course, sometimes I want to be a bit more low key.  The Timex Men's T49891 Expedition Metal Field Brown Leather Strap Watch pays homage to the average G.I. It looks like it could have liberated Europe. But, it also looks great with my "Crocodile Hunter" shirt.

3.  Timex Weekender.  When it's time for a watch that is a little less intense, I like to wear my Timex Men's T2N637KW Weekender Sport Brown Leather Strap Watch . It's a great looking watch that is very comfortable and very easy to read.  I think it would go very well with a house in the Hamptons or on Cape Cod.

4.  Timex Elevated Classic.  When it comes to the perfect balance of form, function, and readability, I really like the Timex Men's T2N695 Elevated Classics Dress Sport Collection Black Leather Strap Watch.  The leather band is a tad wider than the one on the Weekender, too.

If you'd like to check out the most recent selection of Timex Men's watches on Amazon, check out this watch link.

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