Saturday, October 12, 2013

Which Watch Do You Choose to Wear?

For men, watches are one of our only "fashion accessories."  If you think about it, during the week, we all generally conform to the dress codes of our work places.  If you work in a place that requires business attire, you'll wear a typical suit.  Even in a business casual workplace, men are pretty much expected to wear khaki pants and some sort of collared polo-style shirt.  Tradesmen and blue collar workers also have dress standards.  In a position requiring real physical work, you may have to wear a uniform or conform to safety regulations.  Unless you are a work-at-home internet guru, there are expectations to meet.

This Pulsar dress watch is often my office job interview watch

If you wear an early 90s vintage Arsenio Hall suit, people will give you strange looks.  If you wear a "Fly Guy" suit as seen in the movie "I'm Gonna Git You Sucka!" you will get very strange looks and probably a pink slip.  The watch is your only way to express your individual identity.  However, even then, the watch you choose for work may be very different that your weekend watch.

This Timex is often my Weekend Watch
How do you choose which watch you'll wear on any given day?

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