Monday, October 14, 2013

Watch Deals: Get $10 Off of a Modify Watch

Are you looking for something that is a radical departure from your typical military or diver-style watch?  Are you looking for something fresh and peppy?  Want to change the look of your watch whenever the mood strikes you?  Then you might check out Modify Watches.

Modify Watches have colorful rubber bands and interchangeable watch mechanism units.  To get a new look, just pop the old watch unit and pop in another watch unit.  Watch mechanism units are interchangeable and have different designs on the face.

Preppy vs. Peppy:  A Traditional Timex beside a Modify Watch

It's a creative concept and one that promises to keep your watch perpetually fresh.  I remember the Swatch collecting craze of the 1980s and I think that Modify watches update this concept.  Instead of buying dozens of colorful watches, you can buy a band or two and two or three faces.  Then, you can interchange them whenever creative lightning strikes you!

Modify Watches aren't expensive.  Anyone can start a collection.  If you'd like to save money starting your collection, I can refer you.  Simply click on this link and you'll get $10 off of your purchase:

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