Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fake Watches are Stupid

Here is a really stupid watch.  It's a fake version of a famous Swiss watch.  It was bought about 20 years ago for about $20 from some guy on a corner in Washington, D.C., in Georgetown.  It is cheap and cheesy and doesn't even look like the Swiss watch that inspired it.  Maybe that's why the wearer never became a mover and shaker in the nation's capital?

A Fake Watch

Fake watches don't do anyone any favors.  They simply aren't authentic.  If you wear one, then you aren't being authentic either.  People who know watches will think you are a phony.  If you were trying to mix with a higher class of people by wearing a fake watch, that watch may end up stigmatizing you as a fraud.

I don't know where that guy on the corner got the fake watch, but he was a criminal and everyone in his supply chain was a criminal.  When people choose to buy a fake product instead of a real one, they are diverting money into the underground economy that could have gone into the legitimate economy that provides good jobs around the world and that pays taxes to fund government services.  For more on the economic impact of fake goods read Counterfeit Goods:  A Bargain or a Costly Mistake? by the UN Office on Drugs and Crime.

This blog is all about inexpensive watches that look good and work well.  There are so many other cool watches to choose from that there is never a need for a fake watch.  There is honor in wearing a good watch made by a reputable company that sells for a reasonable price.  For less than $100, you can get this stainless steel Caravelle watchCaravelle watch.  It looks a heck of a lot nicer than some cheesy fake Swiss watch.

Caravelle Quartz Sports Watch

If you work hard, if you save your money, if you get job training, if you get a bit lucky, and if you succeed in life, then you might be able to go out and buy a real luxury Swiss watch from a famous maker.  When you do, it will be real.  It will be a symbol of all your hard work.  It will still be a symbol of a status that you have achieved.  Anything fake is just stupid.


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