Sunday, April 7, 2013

C'mon Target - Let's See Some Cool Watches!

As a Target shopper, I've been pretty disappointed with their watch selection lately.  The watch selection seems to be shrinking and they have few premium watches.  With the exception of some nice Timex watches and some decent low end Casio watches, they just don't have much on display. 

It's a little disheartening because I've gotten some really nice watches at Target over the years.  For example, my Merona Tanker-style Watch looks great!

It's a definite contrast with the watch department over at Walmart.  They seem to be offering a wider selection of watches and higher quality watches!

1 comment:

  1. My local Target is the same way. The Merona/Mossimo watch selection is pretty stagnant as far as new stock on the floor. They recently have run some of them on clearance however. Recently I saw they had a Timex Weekender clone by Merona, but they didn't last long. Guess folks snatched them up pretty quickly.