Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Izod Watches Are Surprisingly Affordable

[I'm revising this post in May of 2024 with Izod watches that I've seen recently.]

If you like preppy watches, you might check out the Izod brand.  On a recent visits to stores like Ross and Burlington, I've been finding attractive Izod watches for about $25.00.  This red and black Izod has a very cool look and works well with all of my Atlanta Falcons gear.

An IZOD watch in 2024

If you like digital watches, Izod also offers a few of those.  I recently came across this one in a Burlington store.

An Izod Digital Watch

Finally, here is an Izod with faux subdials and diver-style markings.  The hex pattern on the dial and perforated "race car driver" style band make this one eye-catching.

Each of these watches cost less than $25 and that's a pretty good deal! 

[Post updated in May 2024]

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