Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is this sign short for Sproing!

I saw this sign posted at the watch counter at Walmart.  I really love my CASIO watches.  But, definitely, let this sign be a warning to all ye who might open a CASIO!

A sign about the complexity of Casio Battery Changes

"Due to the technical nature of some of our watches, it is very important that the battery is replaced by a certified CASIO technician.  The CASIO technician will insure that your watch retains its original water-resistance specifications."  The sign adds, "For battery changes on G-Shock models, Databank models, and models with 100M and above water resistance, please ask for a CASIO service mailer."  Due to the complexity of battery changes, I'm glad to see CASIO going to more and more 10 year batteries!

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