Sunday, April 14, 2013

Thr3 Watch By U.S. Polo Association

This inexpensive watch always makes my list.  It's from the US Polo Association brand called Thr3.  It's a good looking watch for a modest sub-$25 price.  It really hits the mark as far as basic military-style watches go.

Here's a similar watch at Kohl's from US Polo Association.  It's only a few dollars and has a more textured band and forgoes the 24-hour military time.  It's a really sharp looking watch for less than $30.


  1. Hey, I own this one too! It is a great looking watch! I always wondered why Kohl's/Kmart/Sears all have different versions of the "U.S. Polo Assn." logo on that brand's watches. I like this "crest" type logo best. Anyway...I too am a big fan of this watch!

  2. I'll bet many of these watches are dutifully made by our Comrades in Chinese Watch Town #637 for companies like Geneva Watch Group, MZ Berger, or Accutime. But, sometimes they do a pretty good job.