Sunday, January 8, 2017

Watch Sighting: Timex Briarwood Terrace at Walmart

I recently found a loose Timex watch in the watch display carousel at Walmart.  Since it was just laying there, I decided to try it on.  It turned out to be the new Timex Briarwood Terrace.  This watch is just one of the watches in the Timex Main Street collection.

This watch is exactly why you can never count Timex out.  It is truly an affordable classic.  It fit my wrist beautifully.  It had a contemporary dial size (40 mm), a comfortable watch thickness (10 mm), and a classic retro modern look that is simply timeless.  The stainless steel case and bracelet seem solid and substantial for a watch in this price range.  While this watch is marketed as a unisex timepiece, I think this Timex looks like the kind of watch a NASA engineer might have worn in the 1960s while working on the Apollo project.

This watch dial itself is sparse and readable like a school house clock.  You could call it minimalist.  In fact, the European brand, Mondaine, makes a line of watches that mimics the simplicity of Swiss railroad station clocks.  Timex doesn't need to be pretentious about it.  It's just a simple watch.

I was impressed that the bracelet for the Timex Briarwood Terrace is substantial and has a real clasp.  It closed securely and it fit my wrist perfectly.  The bracelet is 20 mm wide at the lugs.  It seems much more substantial than the expansion bands on nearby Easy Reader watches.  This Briarwood Terrace watch didn't have a date window and it didn't have a backlighting system for night time wear.  However, I'll gladly trade those features for an affordable watch with a more substantial bracelet and a good clasp.

Unfortunately, I encountered this watch during the height of the holiday season and had to pass.  However, I've definitely bookmarked this watch in my memory.  This is one Timex that I may well see again.

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