Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Timex Expedition Camper - A Simple Watch for Telling Time

There are a lot of new watch brands offering watches with basic readable dials.  It's a move towards simplicity in a complex world.  But, if you want simplicity, you don't have to gravitate towards an new and expensive watch brand, traditional brands like Timex have plenty to offer.  Simple watches are not about cache, they are about telling time.

I recently spotted this Men's Timex Expedition Camper watch at a local Walmart store.  It has 24-hour and traditional 12-hour markings for time.  It also has a comfortable nylon fabric strap with hook and loop closure. The white dial and black case evoke the traditional school room clock.  For less than $32, this Timex Expedition easily fits most budgets.

However, low cost isn't the only reason to choose a Timex Camper watch.  The watch has Indiglo dial backlight for night use.  With a 100-meter water resistance, this Timex should also hold up to trips to the local swimming hole.  However, if you aspire to ninja-hood, you'll also find the all black version ready for action!

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