Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Wristwatch Review: The Relic "Wet" Multifunction Men's Watch

A Simple, Rugged and Affordable Watch

The Relic "Wet" Multifunction man's watch (model zr15466) offers rugged good looks, substantial construction, and styling that evokes far more expensive watches. Yet, the Relic "Wet" watch comes in at an attractive price (about $60) that makes it practical for everyday wear. In my opinion, the Relic "Wet" wristwatch is rugged enough for weekends and dressy enough for the office.

How did I get started with all of these watches?  Here's the first watch in my "watch collecting phase!"  I published this review a couple of years ago on Yahoo.


The main thing that attracted me to the Relic "Wet" Multifunction Men's Wristwatch is the styling. It is functional, no nonsense, traditional diver's watch styling. The Model ZR-15466 has a functional bezel that can be used to track elapsed time. I find that the bezel turns easily and has legible numbers printed in five minute intervals, separated by one minute hashes. The numbers on the watch face are at the 12, 3, and 9 o'clock positions and are also very large and legible. The watch hands, numbers, and blocks at 5 minute intervals glow in the dark for a short period of time if the watch is first exposed to strong light.

The Relic "Wet" Multifunction Watch is constructed of all stainless steel with a little bit of black plastic armor to protect the winding stem and watch body. The watch is also water resistant down to 165 feet. Theoretically, a diver could align the 60 on the bezel with the minute hand on the watch. Then, as a dive progress, a glance at the watch would reveal how many minutes have passed. Could the Relic "Wet" Multifunction Men's Wristwatch be used for diving and action adventures? Perhaps, but for those of us in cubicle farms around the world, the Relic will allow us to daydream about such adventures.

The Relic "Wet" Multifunction man's watch looks great, is substantially constructed and has attractive styling.

The watch also has three additional hands that operate in distinct circles on the watch face. These show the day, date, and military time in analog fashion. Unfortunately, the print on these dials are tiny and, in some light, it is nearly impossible to read. However, these extra functions work and add to the style and sophistication of the watch.

In nearly two years of daily wear, my Relic "Wet" Multi-function watch has held up well. I've put the ruggedness to the test in adventures that include retrieving food and drink from vending machines, opening car doors with my hands full, washing my hands, and rooting around in desk drawers. I've scratched the clasp and the crystal on the face of the watch. But, the Relic "Wet" watch still looks good and still works. I'm not surprised. Relic is a brand marketed by the Fossil Watch Company. The Relic brand has many different models and style of wristwatch. While you may not be able to find this exact model, Relic still markets many similar watches.

Overall, I would recommend the Relic "Wet" Multifunction Watch. In my opinion a Relic watch like this would make a good man's gift. It would be perfectly appropriate for birthdays, Christmas, or Father's Day.

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