Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Armitron vs. Mega Moth

If you grew up in the seventies, you probably remember seeing great adventurers like Jacques Cousteau on the back covers of National Geographic Magazines extolling the virtues of Rolex watches.  But, if you wear $60 watches, your adventures tend to be a little less impressive.  Nevertheless, I discovered the largest moth I've ever seen a couple of weeks ago while wearing my favorite Armitron timepiece.  This moth wasn't at the bottom of the sea or on the top of Mt. Everest.  But, it was alarmingly close to our front door.  I dub it the Mega Moth! 

Armitron vs. Megamoth!
For a sense of scale, my Armitron stainless steel watch has a case diameter of 43 millimeters.   You can read my complete review in this post:

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