Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Striking Armitron in Black

I've been looking at this striking black Armitron for the past couple of years.  It looks like a very practical watch.  I really like the angled numerals on the face. However, the shiny silver numbers look just a little cheap to me.  The watch always catches my eye.  I stop. I check it out.  I hem and I haw and then I pass on it.  Typically, this Armitron sells for $60 at Walmart.  Now, it's marked clearance and it's a great deal.  However, I remained strong ...and poor.  Some day, this watch will find a home with someone else.  It is a very cool watch!

Armitron watch designers have been on a bit of a roll.  This Stainless Steel Black Ion is a fantastic looking watch.

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