Monday, January 7, 2013

Classic Watch Style at Any Price

Structure is one of my favorite inexpensive watch brands.  However, this Structure watch from Sears looks an awful lot like the Fossil Ansel watch I bought from the Fossil Outlet a few months ago.

The only thing that is missing is the date function.  Otherwise, these watches look very, very, similar.  Perhaps the Structure is an homage to the Fossil which is probably an homage to an old Timex.

The Structure watch costs about $30 and the Fossil Watch costs $70 to $115 depending on where you buy it and what discounts you get.  These are great looking watches.  But, the similar styles make me wonder if they are churned out by the same sweatshop in Chinese Watch Village #637.

Since I've had issues with one of my Structure watches, I'd sure like to think that the Fossil watch is a little more substantial and accurate. 

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