Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Joys of a Mechanical Watch

As much as I like my seemingly endless collection of quartz watches, I love mechanical watches, too. They are amazing because they are a masterpiece of mechanical engineering and because someone took the time to sweat the small stuff! For example, this watchmaker at Elgin has to have a steady hand.

 My modern Elgin watches just aren't the same.  But, I still have some mechanical watches and they are cool.
My Walmart Automatic Watch

This one is my $50 Walmart Automatic.  I don't think they make this particular model anymore.  But, Walmart used it to pressure their suppliers into making lots of affordable, skeletonized, automatics. Today, you can get nice looking mechanical watches for much less.  For example, you can get a very good price on this Sewor Automatic over on Amazon.

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