Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A New Watch for Tennis Star Rafael Nadal

An exclusive $370,000 Richard Mille watch was stolen from tennis star Rafael Nadal's hotel room.  Even worse, the watch was a loaner!  I can feel the tennis star's pain.  Plus, it would truly stink to be on the hook for a $370,000 watch.  Fortunately, I have a solution for Rafael Nadal.  He should check out the watches at Walmart.  I'd highly recommend he stick to cheap bang around watches.  He is an active, athletic, guy and there's no reason to risk a high dollar watch.

Walmart Tactical Watch
For only $10, I'd highly recommend what I call the "Walmart Tactical Watch."  It's a mighty manly watch for a very low price!  Here's the scoop on the watch theft:  Rafael Nadal's $370,000 Watch Stolen. 

If you'd like to see a picture of the actual watch that was stolen from Nadal, check out this enter on TheAwesomer blog:  RM 027 Tourbillon Watch.

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