Sunday, March 2, 2014

Casio Forester - Time for a New Battery

My Casio Forester finally gave up the ghost.  It needs a new battery.  That could be a problem because I found the battery on my last one difficult to change.  You can read about that in my Casio Forester review:

Casio Forester (Model FT500WV-1BV)
Fortunately, the Casio Forester watch is quite inexpensive and after two and half years I can probably just get a new one.  Plus, the crystal on mine has a minor scuff.

Casio Forester (Back Plate)
This watch has been a good one for all sorts of little adventures from the swamps of Florida to walking our dog along a wooded path. I highly recommend it. I just wish I could change the battery smoothly.


  1. Sorry, I wasn't able to access your Casio Forester review, so I have no idea of the problems you had in trying to replace the watch battery. The Casio Forester watch requires a single silver oxide button battery SR621W (or type 363) which is a high drain type required to operate a watch and a light. Note, this battery is NOT lithium. You just remove the 4 screws at the back of the watch with a small Phillips-type screw driver, remove the metal back plate of the watch, pry up the plastic inside cover to expose the watch mechanism and pry up the small battery, replace it, return the plastic cover- it will seat in only one position, make sure the black ring seal is intact and in place and screw on the metal back plate. That's it. If the watch is not working you need to reset it and I don't know how that is done. But typically the watch will be working when the new battery is seated. That's it. Not particularly difficult.

  2. Note: The above comment applies to the Casio Forester model FT500WVB watch which has an EL (Electro-luminescent) back-light and requires only one high drain silver oxide battery (the SR621W or higher capacity SR626W battery) which powers the watch mechanism and EL light for about 2 or 3 years.

    The battery requirement for the Casio Forester FT500WC is different, although from the outside this watch looks just like the Forester FT500WVB. The FT500WC watch requires two batteries, one battery to run the watch (the SR920SW) and the other battery to power an LED light for the watch (the CR1616 lithium battery). These batteries are rated for 3 years.

    I prefer the FT500WVB watch as it requires only one battery which is easy to change and the EL light is even and sufficiently bright, although it will fade with time. The LED light of the two-battery watch is brighter and it shows a bright focus dot at the bottom of the watch that I don't like. I'm guessing the bright LED may have a longer life than the EL light. So there are advantages to the LED Forester model.

    Bottom line, be careful which watch you order as sellers tend to confuse these different Forester watch models and sometimes cite the wrong battery requirements. Sorry I don't have space to explain how to change the two batteries of the FT500WC watch.


  3. I have a casio forrester (the one battery kind) and it thinks noon is midnight, with regards to the date changing. The directions say do NOT set the date between the times of 10pm and 2am as the watch will then change on its own at the wrong time. I set the date initially at 3pm and have reset it daily in the morning since then (about 2 weeks ago). Every day at noon the date changes to the next day. Should I pull the battery? Will that reset it?

    1. You need to advance your watch 12 hours and set the date then. Example. If your watch is changing date at noon then at 1230 or 1 (anytime after the 12) advance the watch 12 hours then reset your date read out.

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