Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wristwatch Review: PureDial Square Legacy Watch

This is my new PUREDIAL: The Square Legacy Watch.  I received it last month as part of my membership in WatchGang.  It's the first watch that I received as part of WatchGang.  It's actually quite a nice dress watch.  But, it's curved face and case makes it difficult to photograph.

PUREDIAL The Square Legacy Watch


PUREDIAL is a California-based watch company that started as a kickstarter project.  The design and watch are brought to us by entrepreneur Ziv Nissimov. I've long been fascinated by watch microbrands like PUREDIAL, but the idea of plunking down money for a kickstarter product that may or may not be delivered has held me back.  I think it's pretty cool that WatchGang was able to back them and bring some nice watches to its members.

PUREDIAL Watch Design

The watch itself is a 42 millimeter square and 12.4 mm thick.  These dimensions fit my wrist well.  The watch seems solidly constructed and features a 316L Stainless Steel case with a nicely etched stainless steel caseback.  The watch is rated for 5 atmospheres (30 meters) of water resistance.  It is powered by a Miyota Quartz movement.  The crystal is sapphire-coated glass for improved scratch resistance.

 The leather watch strap was nicely stitched and quite supple. Overall the watch was quite comfortable to wear.

I liked the way that the PUREDIAL logo was embossed into one of the straps.  It was a nice luxury touch.

PUREDIAL Watch Value

If you received this watch via WatchGang, the natural question to ask is - "How much is this watch worth?"  It's a good question.  One the PUREDIAL site, the Square Legacy watches are listed for $250.00.  That price seems a bit ambitious to me and reminds me of some of the suggested retail prices for the famous Swiss Asian brands.  On the brand's kickstarter listing, early birds were offered the watches for $69.  The next tier was $79.  Others were offered two watches for $155,  three watches for $230, or four watches for $299.  This suggests that the real retail price for this watch would be in the neighborhood of $75.

I think $75 would be a reasonable price for this watch.  In terms of the construction and component quality, my PUREDIAL watch definitely stands far above the commodity quartz watches that you would typically find at Walmart, Target, Kohl's, or Sears.  In my opinion, the leather strap, the stainless steel case, the etched caseback, and the interesting shape would make this a watch retailers would want to keep under the glass.  Based on my estimated real retail price of $75, I think this watch is a good value for WatchGang customers.

Overall PUREDIAL Watch Review

This watch is an interesting addition to my watch collection.  I usually gravitate towards Commando-style macho watches.  But, when I go into work, I typically select a traditional dress watch that looks like a quality timepiece.  PUREDIAL is a solid dress watch choice.  This watch is also my first micro brand watch.  I appreciate its unique design features, creativity, and relative exclusivity.  Overall, I'm very happy with this watch and I will wear it fairly regularly.


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  3. I won two of these on the "Wheel" at Watch Gang's website. One has a white face, the second has a blue face. I am excited about the options yet I'm a little disapointed that the retail price above is $75 each and I paid much more for the Wheel to spin... but I'm sure once I receive them in the postal, I'll jump for joy!!