Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walmart: The Power of a Simple Watch

Sometimes the no-name Walmart watches are best when they are simple.  It's hard to beat a simple quartz watch with a Japanese movement with an understated case and legible numbers.
For example, this Walmart watch has all the trappings of a basic military-style watches at a fraction of the price.  The only thing you don't get with a watch like this is luminous hands and a backlighting system.  But, for everyday wear, a wristwatch like this looks great.

Here's another simple classic watch from Smith & Wesson:


  1. Arabic numerals are my favorite. Lumin is not a big factor to me. A good watch face is easy to read from waist level. A face with just hash marks leaves a lot to be desired. Seem to remember the time easier and for a longer period time. Military/Aviation watches are the bomb.

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