Friday, November 9, 2018

A Guide to Stealthy Watches for Commandos and Cat Burglars

Black Watches for Night Time Operators

If you are a commando, a jewel thief, or a late night art collector, you need a watch that will work well in the dark. As movie goers know every good raid or exciting heist begins with synchronizing watches. This is a guide to the watches of the night!

Are you planning to emerge from the sea, silently dispatch terrorists and free captives? Do you enjoy climbing from balcony to balcony snatching diamonds and jewelry from hotel rooms along the French Riviera? Would you like to drop from a skylight to snatch something pretty for your wall from the Louvre museum? If you have such plans or like to close your eyes and concoct such plans while working in an office cubicle, you'll need a really good watch. Here are some great watches for those men of action who dress in black from head to toe.

Less than $100.
In the less than $100 range, the Timex Expedition Military Classic is a very cool watch. It evokes evokes that stealthy, military commando, feeling--except for the jumping out of planes and getting shot at by angry foreigners part. This Timex is rugged, black, and ready for action with 12-hour and 24-hour military time on the dial. It has an attractive black nylon strap. Best of all, you can transmit morse code with the Timex Indiglo dial illumination feature.

$100 to $200. The Casio G-Shock Men's Analog-Digital watch with black resin strap has all the black and red styling cues that indicate danger in an armored black case. It has a black dial with red hands tipped with a dash of white. It looks like the perfect watch for a get away driver. While you wait in an idling van down in the museum parking garage, you can fiddle with all the digital handle all manner of stop watch and time zone functions. But, with magnetic and shock resistance built in, the Casio G-Shock can actually take lots action and excitement.

$300 to $1000. Movado Museum Sport. If your interests run to laser beams, motion sensors, and art history, the aptly named Movado Museum Sport looks like a classy combination. It doesn't have any markings, just white hour, minute, and second hands and the iconic Movado circle. The watch is only water resistant to 30 meters, but it has the famed Movado museum dial, a black face, a PVD-coated stainless steel case, and has a perforated black rubber strap. It's perfect for attending an art gallery show at any time in the evening.  The Movado Museum Sport Smartwatch (shown below) offers bluetooth connectivity and can track your steps and sleep patterns.

$1000 to $2000. The Tutima Pacific Black gets your commando fantasies into the realm of automatic watches. This one gives you a black PVD-coated stainless steel case, 200 meters of water resistance, and classic white diver-style markings with uni-directional rotating bezel. It is an excellent, no frills, watch for taking care of any wet work.

$2000 plus. The Kobold Phantom Black Ops Chronograph provides all the features expected from a divers watch: 300 meters (990 feet) of water resistance, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and luminous markings. But, the luminous markings are in green to make them easier to read with night vision goggles. Provided at a discount to Navy SEALS, this automatic watch also has chronograph features to let them time their operations to the second. Made in Nepal, the Kobold Phantom sounds and looks exotic in every way.

Timing is everything. These watches should help you make the most of any night out. But, be careful out there!

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