Sunday, September 20, 2015

Watches for the Move

This blog isn't moving, but we are.  It's time to pack up and physically move across town.  Our current county government decided to give a local sports team about half a billion dollars to build a stadium near our current apartment.  Since we have no desire to add game traffic to our commuting woes, we're moving across town to another county. We just can't live in a county with the biggest welfare queens of all time.  We won't mention any names...ahem...Atlanta Braves!

Now, almost all of my watches are boxed up.  But, I still have a few out.  A couple for work and a couple for the move.  This pre-scratched vintage Timex Easy Reader was an obvious choice for banging around and moving boxes.  I put a very comfortable velcro strap on it and it rocks.

This blog might be a little intermittent for the next few weeks, but I'll try to post when I have the chance!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sangdo Watches - Inexpensive Luxury from the Orient

I recently discovered an Asian-source watch company called Sangdo.  To me, it looks like  Sangdo watches automatic watches are Rolex inspired.  For example, their flagship watch looks much like the famed Rolex Perpetual Oyster Datejust.  But, the Asian-sourced Sangdo costs much, much, less.  You can compare prices and features below:

However, the Sangdo watch is not a fake Rolex.  It is an homage watch that proudly bears a large S on dial and makes no secret of its origin.  Amazon reviews are also pretty good.  This Sangdo watch looks good in this unboxing video.  Of course, I can't speak the language being used.  Portuguese? Spanish?  But, there are plenty of oohs and aaahs. . .

If Rolex prices are out of your league, a Sangdo watch might be a great Rolex alternative.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

FMD Watch of Mystery

I have too many watches.  I know this because I have watches of unknown origin.  For example, I'll dub this watch:  the FMD watch of mystery.  I found it buried in my watch boxes.

Where did it come from? The exact origins of the FMD watch of mystery are unknown.  I probably got it at Target, Kohls or Walmart.  It may have even come from Kmart, but don't tell anyone.

How do you know it is FMD?  It says FMD on the case back.  It also says that it has a Japanese movement, a stainless steel case back, and a base metal bezel.

Overall impression.  The imitation leather strap on this watch is a little stiff.  But, the style of this watch is quite cool.  I'll keep it around for awhile!