Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Cheapest of Cheap Watches for Men

I get it.  We all spent way too much over the holidays.  Now, we've locked all the credit cards in the freezer.  We've even made resolutions.  No new watches.  No new toys.  There will be absolutely no fun in January.  Unless, unless, you can find a way to get something new in your mail box for practically nothing.  Yes, gentlemen, now is the time to check out the cheapest of the cheap watches!  You can even make a game of it.  There are some really cheap watches out there on Amazon.

Just know this:  there will be no working sub-dials and the leather band may feel quite stiff.  You generally get what you pay for in this world.  But, sometimes you may just find a surprise!  You might get a very nice watch.

What kind of watch can you get for less than $5 on Amazon?

You can get yourself a Beautyvan Luxury Quartz watch.  Even with shipping, as of this writing, this watch costs less than $5.  If you order it, it will be shipped to your directly from China.  This watch looks interesting because it has a crystal that looks angular.

What kind of watch can you get for less than $10 on Amazon?

If you are willing to spend just a little more money for your cheap watch, you can move up to the Broadfashion Cool Men's Racer Military Pilot Aviator Army Silicone Sports Watch.  There aren't too many watches that have more search terms in the name.  This watch might be better choice than one of the dressier watches.  For weekend running around,  the Broadfashion watch has the basics covered and all it has to do on your wrist is keep accurate time. 

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