Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How to Spend a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate on Watches

If I had been fortunate enough to receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate for Christmas 2016, there are more than a few men's watches that I would love to own. But, today, I'll confine my recommendations to two candidates.  Both are from brands that are worth exploring on Amazon.

Ben & Sons.  The first brand that caught my eye is Ben & Sons.  This "Airstream" model sports a mustard yellow leather NATO strap and a military-inspired dial.  It a manly looking watch at a miniscule price.  Ben & Sons is a fashion brand from Miami-based Swiss Watch International.  Their designs seem to nod at the famed Bell & Ross brand of European instrument panel watches.  Like Bell & Ross, these watches are not designed by former commandos.  They have not been extensively tested in Antarctica.  Heck, they haven't even made it to the summit of K2.  But, if it has the look you like, it's worth taking a shot with a Christmas gift certificate.

Stuhrling Original.  At one time, Stuhrling was poised to break out and become the next Invicta.  For whatever reason, I don't think that happened.  However, Stuhrling still offers great looking watches and they have affordable price points.  I like the looks of many Stuhrling Original dive watches.  However, for a watch collection, you can't beat the unusual and off-beat look of this Leisure Mad Man C-2 Quartz watch.

I've posted on how to blow a $50 Amazon gift certificate before.  Back then I liked Haurex watches.  They still have some great values on Amazon.  However, most have climbed above $50.  If you want to stick to your budget, Amazon has collected many solid watch values on their feature Amazon Favorites Under $50

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