Friday, January 2, 2015

How to Spend a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate on a Watch

This year thousands of American men received Amazon gift certificates for Christmas.  These men are left with one burning question to begin 2015:

How Should I Spend My $50 Amazon Gift Certificate?

Fortunately, the answer is pretty easy.  You don't have to spend your gift certificate on books and reading.  You can buy a pretty nice watch for $50.  If you'd like to buy an interesting watch for $50, I'd suggest checking out Haurex men's watches.  While most models run $100, many are on sale for about $50.

Haurex is an Italian company so you automatically get a taste of European sophistication with your timepiece. 


  1. Italian or not a 50 meter "dive" watch is feeble. 200 meter dive watches are available for less than $30 more.

  2. Yeah, but you can use that $30 to get a Seavenger Snorkle and Swim Fin set and really look like a diver when you go to work. ;-)

    Seriously though, diver-style watches don't always have the water resistance that a dive watch has. It just has to look good.