Sunday, October 29, 2017

Citizen Watches for the Dead

A cold and blustery October evening is the perfect time to show your latest Citizen watch to the dead.  They are sure to be impressed and they'll know what time it is . . .

Citizen Stainless Steel Chronograph Watch

The nice thing about this Citizen Chronograph watch is that you can use the stopwatch functionality to time your run away from any skeleton you encounter.  If you'd like to read a complete review of this quartz chronograph, check out this Citizen Chronograph Watch Review.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Spooky Wristwatches on Amazon.

It's late October and All Hallow's Eve draws closer and closer.  Each tick of the second hand and each move of the minute hand brings the spookiest night of the year just a little closer.  It time to reflect upon timepieces and wonder if there were a timepiece that might better reflect the dark autumn mood.  In my own collection, the bright face of my latest Casio doesn't quite throw a fright in anyone's bones.

There are some fiendish watches available to watch collectors and enthusiasts.  I did a quick survey of Amazon and came up with a couple of frightful timepieces.  The first is the Montegrappa Chaos Watch which is reputed to have been designed by Sylvester Stallone.  It's an expensive, high end, timepiece with a rather unusual design.  The Montegrappa Chaos Watch isn't for everyone, but if you like skulls and a rather dark design, the Chaos Watch might be your choice!

At a more affordable end of the horological spectrum, I found this Pagani Skull Watch waiting for an unsuspecting teller of time.  It's a nice clean design with a skull in the center of the dial.  It's bad ass.  But, I suspect the wearer gets a bit of a fright every time he glances at his wrist.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Replacing a Watch Battery on a Timex Weekender

or . . . Reviving a Zombie Watch

The leaves are beginning to turn, darkness is falling upon the land at an ever earlier hour, and the wind howls through the trees.  Once again, it's fall and Halloween approaches.  The line between the living and the dead will soon be wafer thin.  It's a good time to open the crypt of dead wristwatches and dig up an old favorite.  Behold, here is my trusty old Timex Weekender with Tachymeter markings.  It's an old favorite, but it has lain dead in my watch box for several months.

Timex Weekender Tachymeter Watch
 The Guts of a Timex Weekender!

To revive a Timex Weekender, all you need is a new watch battery.  The case back calls for a CR-2016 battery to serve as the heart and soul of the timepiece.  Perhaps it's not surprising that it has such a commonplace battery to keep the ticker running?  If you'd like to rip the heart out of each of your dead watches, you can buy a bulk pack of batteries on Amazon.

To perform the actual operation, all you need is a small little screwdriver to pop the back right off.  You just have to probe the back of the watch and find a vulnerability.

 Then, you can insert your blade and pry to show everyone the insides of your Timex Weekender!

Then, you just carefully remove the old watch battery and replace with your new one.  Be careful to notice the various metal contacts around the edge of the battery compartment.  Then gently insert your replacement battery.  Once your "procedure" is completed, press the caseback back into place.  Your watch will live on for a few more years again.  Then it will die and you can revive it once more!