Saturday, June 3, 2017

I Hate Unisex Watches

In these modern times when gender identity and sexual orientation are widely discussed, I'd like to make one thing clear to watch companies.  I'm beginning to really hate unisex watches.  I'm not a unisexual.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that no one is actually a unisexual.  As a man, I like to buy watches that are clearly and undeniably for men.  My wife likes to buy watches that are clearly and undeniably for women.

When men's watches are dainty and I have to ask - "Is this a men's watch?" - then the watchmaker has already lost a sale.  My wife also hates that "Boyfriend" watches that are women's watches that are the same size as men's watches have been traditionally.  For example, the Peugeot Boyfriend oversized watch below has a 40mm diameter case.   Unisex and boyfriend watches simply don't interest us in the least.

For the most part, I think unisex watches are a lame attempt to broaden the appeal of a production run of watches.  Perhaps the watchmakers want to save money on raw materials by shrinking the size of the average watch case and shrinking the width of the average watch strap?  Perhaps, they want to double the size of the potential market for a watch?  I'm not really sure about the motivations of the watch companies.  I just know that a watch is one of the few personal accessories that I wear as a man and that I want any watch I wear to be undeniably masculine.

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