Sunday, March 6, 2016

Three Totally Crazy Watch Designs from Oulm Watches

Watches are conversation starters. It's nice to receive a compliment or segue into a conversation around watches. Companies like Diesel, Bell & Ross, and Urwerk watches have defied the conventions of watch design and won big.  With business casual being the norm in most offices, men can wear all kinds of weird watches without fear.  Plus, with global sourcing of watches, unusual watch designs don't have to cost big bucks.  Here are three completely wild watch designs from a company called Oulm that cost less than $20 each.

Oulm Russian Aviator.

This whimsical watch had a definite steampunk vibe.  But, it also has two very useful ways to tell time and can be a great asset to anyone working in multiple timezones.  Best of all, this watch can be had for a pittance.  I like this watch a lot because of it's steampunk look and it's simple design.


Oulm Four Dial Watch.  

The next watch on my list is a Four Dial watch.  The watch has two timekeeping dials, a thermometer dial, and a compass dial.  The large watch face also has three non-functional decorative  subdials.  

Oulm Three Time Men's Military Watch.

I'm not sure what military would adopt this last watch, but I'll bet they have really high jackboots, and some very creative marching steps.

These Oulm watches for men win the internet when it comes for wild design, but their sub-$20 price tags make them affordable exotics for any of us. They are so inexpensive that even you can take a fashion risk. In the worst case scenario, you simply end up with a very interesting conversation piece in your collection!


  1. These look so uniquely gorgeous! I think the hubs would love one!
    Shane Cantrell

  2. Oulm Four Dial Watch and Oulm Three Time Men's Military Watch model looks fantastic. I just love watches and have one of my own watch shop where coll and funky watches like this can be found.

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