Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Earning Extra Money to Buy Watches

Do you need a little extra cash in Paypal so that you can buy new watches?  You might try a site called Rewarder.  It allows you to answer questions that are vexxing other Rewarder users and win $2 to $5 when your answer is selected as the best. 

If you can provide concise but useful answers to questions about topics ranging from cars, computers, and watches to basic grammar and math, you will see a little money trickle into your account.  You can redeem it once you reach $5 for Amazon gift certificates or Paypal money.  You can't make a living at it and you probably won't earn Rolex money.  But it also doesn't take a lot of time to answer questions.  If you approach it as a game, Rewarder is fun.  It's a pretty cool idea for a website/app.

Try it at !

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